F200 and G20 lpresented at Saie 2008

F200 and G20 lpresented at Saie 2008

Ris December 2008 

Electric  future

The characteristics of these pick and carry cranes , a sector in which  Galizia is more and more establishing itself   due to the innovation and compactness of its cranes, are the  high flexibility  offered by the electric  power , with  all the relevant advantages  in terms of versatility both in external and internal locations as well as their  care for the environment .

At  SAIE 2008 we had a preview of  the two opposite poles of this winning philosophy;

the small G20  (2 tons power) suitable for factory servicing , mechanics, building, glass setting  or small carpentry handling, thanks to the versatility  of its many accessories and F200, a very compact 20 tons  crane, optimized  for machinery lifting .

The UK importer , who is going to receive the first  G20s  within the end  of  2008  underlines  that this is “a big compact  pick and carry minicrane,    with a very neat design and an innovative helm system ..” features  that  made it a very special machine in his range of action even in an international context.

The F200  is the outcome of  the constant cooperation  along the years  with the most important Italian and European clients dealing in   machinery transport and handling,  always searching  for  innovative solutions. This model  aroused   the operators’ interest  and  achieved   sale success   in its  first months on the market,  thus it  will be the  first model  in a serie of pick and carry cranes with these features.    

The strong modern lines hid the innovative traction system , which has front wheel drive with a separate electric motor for each of the two pairs of front wheels.   This system , totally developed  by Galizia,  allows high performances  for the pick and carry world, as F200 has a very  high level  of  movement  precision and  is  ready to face and win the most  challenging  working conditions.

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