SAIE 2011 - MULTIS, much more than a crane

SAIE 2011 - MULTIS, much more than a crane

Galizia will show a new six tonne capacity pick & carry crane (industrial mobile crane), come telehandler, come work platform - the Multis 636.

The all new product can lift six tonnes on its main hook or 3.5 tonnes on its fork or bucket attachments, making this a real multifunction machine. What makes it different from other cranes that have sported fork attachments is its overall height at just two metres and more importantly its low boom pivot point.

The unit is also compact in terms chassis length at 3.3 metres, with an overall width of 1.73 metres. The cranes turning circle is exceptionally tight - possibly as good as a three wheel crane, with true full 90 degree crank angle steering on the rear axle.

Drive is direct via twin AC electric motors on the front axle that can also counter rotate to help improve the real turning circle of the crane and reduce stress build-up during sharp turns. A separate AC motor is used to drive the crane hydraulics.

The telehandler tool bar can take a wide variety of attachments including forks, forks with side-shift, buckets, integrated platform, winch, searcher hooks and jibs etc.

The new crane was shown at last weeks Verona fair and will also be on display at next week's SAIE show.

"from Vertikal.net"