Galizia: the company

At Galizia we design, build and commercialize electric and diesel mobile cranes and Electric industrial telehandlers.
We also plan and build:

  • special cranes and special application
  • systems for lifting and transport (standard or special gantry crane )
  • plants and machinery (kiln dryers, plate cutting plants, boom for Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps, automotive plants etc.)

Planning is developed by a team of engineers and technicians, using up to date software, 2D and 3D CAD as well as FEM codes, all integrated with traditional calculation methods. This methodology grants the best optimization and evolution of our mobile cranes.

We set a special care on the choice of new technologies and solutions, so to offer to our clients cranes more efficient, powerful, comfortable, safe and easy to use.

Some outstanding results of Galizia R&D:

  • Twin motor front drive system, by two electric motors that can perform counter-rotation through an electronic differential gear. This solution combines the performances of the typical Galizia total steering with the advantages of the front drive.
  • electronic joystick coupled with proportional distributor, so to allow precise, gradual and simultaneous movements of the boom
  • radio remote control of the crane, not only for lifting, but also for advancing and steering
  • use of permanent brushless AC motors for special applications, coupled with last generation controls
  • planning and production of a special compact frame, with an especially lowered centre of gravity, that grants a better stabilty of the crane and its very reduced height
  • building and application on F 200 of hydraulic forks up to 10 tons (with traslator) totally radio controlled
  • Planning and realization of a modern cabin with sliding door, so to ease the entrance of operator even in narrow areas (on order on F200)
  • Personalization of booms, jibs and whole cranes according to specific requests of our clients

Production is totally done by highly qualified personnel in our own carpentry, mechanic, machining and assembling departments.

Galizia is certified by the Standard and Compliance Certification Body, according with UNI ISO 9001:2015